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What makes Destination Harley-Davidson different?

We have 11 techs with specialized job duties ready to serve you. Gary runs our wreck repair facility. Having Gary dedicated to wreck repairs allows us to address insurance estimates and repairs all season long. He handles the estimates as they come in and once all the parts are ready, Gary can switch gears and rebuild your bike. Justin, Martin and Isiah run our Service Line. The Service Line handles interval services such as the 1000, 5000 and 10,000 mile Services, as well as Used Bike Inspections and New Bike Preps. This leaves 7 techs ready to handle your accessory installations, your non-insurance repairs and your motor builds and customization.

We came up with the Service Line after filming a technician doing a standard 5000 mile service. Watching the film we found that the technician was not in the service bay for a significant portion of the allotted job time. We solved this issue by creating the line and bringing all the parts and special tools needed to do a complete service to the line, so the tech never needs to interrupt your service and leave your bike. We also noticed the tech going to their toolbox often to retrieve tools. Thus, on the line we provided all the tools needed so that the tech no longer needs to search for the right tool. Instead, it is right there on the line in the approximate spot that the tech will need it actually serving as an indication of what step to do next, rather than leaving the tech to develop their own process each time and potentially skip a step. With the line our techs literally never turn their back on your bike! The result is a much more thorough process with a high level of consistency that creates a higher quality product for our customers. As mentioned above, all suggested repairs resulting from an interval service are sent to one of the 7 main tech bays with techs standing by to be complete the job once authorized by the customer. The funny thing about the Service Line, is that it actually works best when we have a full schedule of customers coming to us for all their interval Services. We’re excited to get you in and out of our Service department with a high level of speed and efficiency in 2020!

We honor all warranty work and favor any recalls. We accommodate any type of problem that may arise with your Harley-Davidson® motorcycle in an efficient, precise, and timely manner.

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We are determined to make your Harley® experience the best ever. Our service technicians are 100% factory-trained. They treat every bike they work on as if it were their own and give it the tender lovin' care it deserves.


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Destination Harley-Davidson® Extended Service Plan

The best motorcycle deserves the best protection. That's why you should choose the only factory-endorsed warranty plan available, the Harley-Davidson® Extended Service Plan, to protect your new or used Harley® motorcycle.

The Extended Service Plan (ESP) covers new motorcycles for seven years and covers used Harley® motorcycles for up to five years. And the best part is that repair costs are "locked in." All you'll ever pay is the $50 deductible for covered repairs per visit, not per repair. Now that's a good deal.

Our Extended Service Plan at Destination Harley-Davidson® WAalso gives you something that's even more valuable than your bike - peace of mind. The plan is fully transferable at no charge, protects your bike's value, and includes reimbursement for pick-up, car rental, travel and lodging in the event of a breakdown resulting in a covered repair. Just fix your bike at an authorized Harley-Davidson® dealer, and you're covered.*

So don't take a chance with one of your most valued possessions. In fact, we'll make it easy for you by including your ESP in your Harley-Davidson® Credit loan. That way you only pay pennies a day, but are protected by a plan that's priceless.

Ask us about getting the Extended Service Plan for your new or used bike.

* See contract for details.


Summary of Features

Coverage throughout North America

You're protected wherever you travel in North America. Covered repairs can be made at any authorized Harley-Davidson® dealer throughout the United States and Canada, and only Genuine Harley-Davidson® Parts will be used.*

Repair costs are "locked in"

All you will ever pay is the standard $50 deductible per visit for covered repairs. Plus, there's no deductible for any breakdown of a covered part that was previously repaired or replaced under the terms of the Extended Service Plan. For extra peace of mind and protection, radio, saddlebags, sidecar, CB radio and more are covered under the Touring Package.*

Resale value is protected

If you sell your motorcycle, the Extended Service Plan can be transferred to the new owner at no cost; that's right, for free!*

Travel protection

If you are stranded far from home, reimbursements are provided for rental vehicles, pickup charges, lodging and meals.*

Your responsibility

Simply maintain your motorcycle according to the service maintenance schedule shown in your owner's manual and you will be covered for the failure of any covered component due to defects in the material or factory workmanship.*

Payment options

Pick the way you want to pay for this valuable protection. You can even include it in your Harley-Davidson® Credit & Insurance motorcycle financing or put it on the Harley-Davidson® Chrome Visa® Card.

* See contract for details.

Destination Harley-Davidson® Pickup & Delivery

We are determined to make your Harley® experience the best ever. We have enclosed trailers to safely transport your Harley-Davidson® to and from our service department.

We travel one direction per day. Our schedule is as follows:

  • Tuesday - We travel North
  • Wednesday - We travel East
  • Thursdays - We travel South
  • Fridays - We travel West
  • Saturdays - Occasionally available. Reserved for emergencies

*note no pickup or delivery on Sunday or Monday.

To schedule a pickup or delivery contact your service advisor so we can coordinate it with your appointment. Appointments must be made for a different day than your pickup/delivery day.

For most customers this is a free service we provide. For customers asking us to travel to areas in excess of 50 miles one way there may be a charge.

Destination Harley-Davidson® Engine Works & Speed Shop

Tacoma & Silverdale

Being in business for over 20 years has given Destination Harley-Davidson® the opportunity to build hundreds of high horsepower per dollar motorcycles. We have a great build, with great results for any budget.

110 Cubic inch kits starting at $1,195.95 (Part number 92500039)

We can now install 110 Cubic Inch kits on ’07 and up Big Twins with no case splitting or case boring required!!! This takes your labor bill from thousands of dollars down to a few hundred dollars in labor! Contact Destination Harley-Davidson® Service Department for a complete quote. Your current upgrades, such as updated cam shafts, heads and intakes will retro fit to this kit! Tuning may be required. Labor charged separately. We can provide kits that will not void your warranty and certain kits can be covered on your full factory warranty if purchased within 60 days of the original purchase date of your new Harley-Davidson® motorcycle.

Big Horsepower:

Back in 2006 we built our first big horsepower bike when built a Road Glide6reg; that easily reached peak power over 185 horsepower out of 103 cubic inches. We tuned the bike to the graph below to maximize street performance.

Service Department at Destination Harley-Davidson

John _023.drf 3/21/2008 1:41:54 PM Run Type: RO Run Conditions; 59.72 °F, 30.56 in-Hg, Humidity: 20%, Uncorrected: 1.00 05 FLTRI
Max Power = 172.68 Max Torque = 157.53
Samson duals, thunder header slips ONS, HP INC 51mm, Woods AC, TW400 Cams, 103CI, CNC Heads ands pistons.
Mapping changes after supercharger install.

Tire Shredder Kit - Screaming Eagle Bolt-on 110ci Stage V At $2,649.95

We'll build you one just like it. Or you can opt for some great horsepower that won't void your warranty by getting a Screaming Eagle® Bolt-on 110ci Stage V tire shredder kit for $2,649.95 (Part number 92500038). This kit features a Screaming Eagle 58mm Throttle Body, Screaming Eagle® CNC-Ported Heads, SE-259 Cams, Perfect Fit Pushrods, Screaming Eagle High Capacity Roller Tappets and a Heavy Duty Clutch Spring. This kit will require tuning. We can piece this kit out to create a kit that will fit any 2007 and up Harley-Davidson® Big Twin!!! We have a kit for you and your Harley-Davidson® motorcycle!!!

Service Department at Destination Harley-Davidson

Screamin' Eagle® 507

Twin Cam Stage Kit

Screamin' Eagle® Bolt-On 110CI Stage V Tire Shredder Kit

This comprehensive kit provides a complete package of matched components that allow you to build a high performance 110ci Twin Cam without voiding the factory warranty. The unique Screamin' Eagle® 4.0" big bore cylinders are engineered to slip into the engine cases without case machining or modification, so the engine stays in the chassis during the build.

Kit includes:

  • Screamin' Eagle 4.0" Bolt-On Cylinders
  • Forged 10.2:1 High Compression Pistons and Rings
  • Screaming Eagle Throttle Body
  • SE-259 Cams
  • Perfect-Fit Pushrods
  • Screamin' Eagle High-Capacity Roller Tappets
  • Top End and Cam Cover Garkets
  • Heavy Duty Clutch Spring

All EFI-equiped models require dealer-installed ECM calibration download or use of the tunable Screamin' Eagle Street® Tuner Kit (priced separately)*.

92500038 $2,649.95

Fit 50-state '14-later Touring models. Does not fit Twin Cooled™ model. Does not fit Trike models. CVO™ 110 models or models with engine cases that have been machined to accept large-bore cylinders. Requires separate purchased of accessory 58mm air cleaner and Cam Drive Retention Kit P/N 25566-05. Cam Spacer Kit P/N 25928-06 is recommended.

*Recalibration is required for proper installation. See Dealer for details. Labor cost not included.

When installed by an authorized Harley-Davidson® dealer at the time of vehicle delivery, these kits do not impact the vehicle's limited warranty.

Land Speed Record Holding Power: First Ever To 200 Mph Land Speed Record Holding Power!!!

Service Department at Destination Harley-Davidson

Destination Harley-Davidson® owns a 2006 Harley-Davidson® / Buell XBRR that has established itself as the most significant land speed record holding Harley-Davidson® ever with 6 land speed records to date. Destination Harley-Davidson® assembled the motor, owns and tunes the bike. The bike recently was the first 1350cc push rod motor on record anywhere ever to excede 200 MPH!!! This bike has a pump gas record with the SCTA "APS-PG 1350" record at 184.464mph and received a Performance Award from the SCTA at 192.735. The Destination Harley-Davidson® XBRR has been visiting Bonneville and El Mirage and establishing land speed records for over 10 years. The secret to this motorcycle's success is over 140 horsepower exploding out of only 80 cubic inches / 1340 cubic centimeters. Cranking out this kind of power from an 80 cubic inch push rod motor primarily running on pump gas is no easy feat! Let us put our land speed record worthy engine building and tuning to work for you!


We installed our Dynomometer in 2004. Since that time it has been running seemingly non-stop. We have extensive experience tuning Harley-Davidson® motorcycles. Let us put our experience to work for you! Watch our events page for our Dyno Days Events where we do free Dyno Runs all day long!!! Ask us about the Harley-Davidson® Street Performance Tuner Kit that works with your closed loop system on 2007 and later EFI Dyna, Softail and Touring models. This kit also works with 2014 and up Sportsters. This system is 50 State Street Legal and will not void your warrantly.

Warranty And Extended Service Contracts:

Harley-Davidson® has fantastic engine builds available that won't void your warranty. These builds meet the strictest municipal codes while providing great sound and power for your Harley-Davidson® riding enjoyment. We also have access to Extended Service Contracts that can provide extended and expanded protection for your Harley-Davidson® motorcycle. All 50 State Legal Kits installed at time or purchase will have the benefit of your full warranty period and extended service contract period. 50 State Street Legal kits installed more than 60 days after your date of purchase will not void your warranty or Extended Service Contract.

ED Junior's Personal Destination Harley-Davidson® builds:

Service Department at Destination Harley-Davidson1997: We put an 89" Stroker Kit with heads, cams, big carb and a hot ignition in Ed Jr's 1993 Fat Boy® in 1997. We polished the inside of the crank cases for great oil flow. This bike was wicked fast and is still on the road today.

1999: We put a 95" kit with mild cams, a Mikuni carburetor and high flow heads on Ed's 1999 Road King®. We sold the bike to another customer, put a slightly larger rear tire on the bike and found out that the thing could pull wheelies for days. We don't condone this behavior, but we did build the motor. This bike is still on the road today.

Service Department at Destination Harley-Davidson2002: We put an 107" Stroker Kit in a Softail® Springer for Ed. This bike was fast. So fast it was stolen from Ed in Arizona at Arizona Bike Week 2002 and it took until August for the Police to catch it. The bike was destroyed by the joy-rider, but the motor, tranny and primary survived and Ed built his green chopper build around it. This bike is still on the road today!

2003: We built 103" Stroker motors for Ed's 100 Year Anniversary 2003 Fat Boy® and Road King®. These bikes ran in the low 12s in the 1/4 mile (with Ed riding. With someone else riding they might be faster!) and are both still on the road today.

2011: We put a 120R in a 2011 Street Glide® for Ed Jr. Great power with locking clutch that had lever pull as soft as butter. Though Ed Jr no longer owns this bike, you'll find it outside of Destination Harley-Davidson® with its new owner almost every day!

Our guarantee: Destination Harley-Davidson® stands behind our work! Contact our service department for complete details.

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