Riding Classes

Destination Harley-Davidson® is proud to offer our Learn to Ride "BRC" classes at our Tacoma and Silverdale locations. "BRC" is the Washington State endorsed basic rider class. Our BRC is provided by Pacific Northwest Motorcycle Safety. The Thursday evening classroom portion of the BRC is held at each of our locations. The corresponding riding or range portion of the classes happens at The Outlet Collection, 1101 Supermall Way, Auburn, WA 98001 or Apex Airpark, 6172 NW Apex Rd, Silverdale, WA 98383 on Saturday and Sunday. You must sign up directly with Destination Harley-Davidson®'s Sales Department to be considered one of the 12 class participants for a particular class held through Destination Harley-Davidson®. Or, you may sign up directly with Pacific Northwest Motorcycle Safety for their classes that have no direct affiliation with Destination Harley-Davidson®.

Classes scheduled through Destination Harley-Davidson® have a cost of $250.00 per individual. Pacific Northwest Motorcycle Safety may be able to provide a "State Subsidized" class for $125.00. Please check their website at pnwmotorcyclesafety.com for information on these classes. All of the classes listed at pnwmotorcyclesafety.com fill up quickly once the sun has been out for a while. As class availability tightens up you may find that Destination Harley-Davidson®'s Learn to Ride classes provided by Pacific Northwest Motorcycle Safety have more immediate availability.

Please contact Destination Harley-Davidson®'s Sales Department for more information. Please call the location where you intend to take the class.

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Graduates of the BRC receive an endorsement waiver that eliminates the need for further testing with the Washington State Department of Licensing.

Motorcycles are provided by Pacific Northwest Motorcycle Safety.

Be prepared for class. Visit Destination Harley-Davidson® to be outfitted with a DOT-approved helmet, eye protection, sturdy over-the-ankle footwear, full fingered leather gloves, long sleeve jacket and long pants. Rain gear is recommended for rainy days.

Required Riding Apparel For All Classes:

  • Long Pants (jeans or heavier fabric, not loose fitting)
  • Long Sleeves (weather appropriate, we will not stop the class for rain)
  • Eye Protection(glasses, sunglasses, safety glasses)
  • Sturdy Boots, must cover ankle bone (work boots, military boots, cowboy boots, light weight hiking boots, riding boots. No high-top tennis shoes or canvas shoes. No more than 1-inch heel)
  • Gloves that cover entire hand (driving gloves, clean work gloves, riding gloves, they don't have to be leather)

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First Ride

First Ride is an introduction to motorcycling. It is meant for those individuals who are learning to ride for the very first time and lets you "try out" a motorcycle to see if this is really something you want to do. First Ride is 4-1/2 hours of low stress instruction that gives you some experience in controls and the basic handling dynamics of the motorcycle. It helps build confidence to better prepare you for the Basic Rider Course. Classes are kept small, no more than 6 students and 2 instructors, to maximize personalized instruction to student's needs.

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Basic Rider Course

The Basic Rider Course is for beginning riders. It begins with "This is a motorcycle." and progresses through basic skills training, street survival strategies, and some advanced skills training. Pacific NorthWest Motorcycle Safety teaches this course in both two day and three day sessions (see schedule above). There is no difference in the classes except for class times. There is also no difference in the curriculum regardless of the price of the class. Students must successfully pass both a written test and a skill test (included in the class) to pass this course for "2-wheeled only" motorcycle endorsement.

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Intermediate Rider Training

The Intermediate Rider Training is an 8 to 9-hour course designed for riders who have recent motorcycle experience but no endorsement, or for those people returning to riding after several years of not being on a motorcycle. You may ride our bikes in this course, so if you are just returning to the sport and don't have your own bike yet, this course is perfect for you. Or you could ride your own bike. This course assumes that you have motorcycle experience, so it does NOT teach the basics that are taught in the Basic Rider Course.

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Additional Riding Session

The Additional Riding Session is 4-5 hours long, and is done completely on the range. If you feel like you need more practice on a motorcycle, regardless of whether or not you passed the Basic Skills Test in the BRC, the Additonal Rider Session was created just for you. You'll be riding some of the same excercises from the BRC under the expert supervision of our Professional Motorcycle Safety Instructors without any pressure of a passing a test. You also have the opportunity to retest at 1pm during the Riding Testing Session that is scheduled following the class if you need to. Use our bikes or ride your own. (to ride your personal bike/scooter in the class, you must be able to show the instructor that you have insurance on the bike, that you are the registered owner of the bike and if you ride it to the class, you must have a 2-wheel endorsement or valid permit)

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Advanced Rider Course

The Advanced Rider Course (ARC) is an 8-hour course for riders of all types of 2-wheeled motorcycles. You ride your own motorcycle in this course. It includes approximately 3 hours of classroom time that focuses on advanced street riding skills, improving your perception of hazards and hazardous situations, and allows you to self-evaluate your level of risk taking. The class then moves to the training range where you will gain experience under the supervision of our certified instructors in advanced motorcycle handling techniques like: Threshold braking, Brake and evade, Cornering adjustment (swerving and braking while cornering), Decreasing radius curves Multiple curves, and Traffic mix and gap management.

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On-Street Course

The On-Street Course (OSC) is an opportunity for new riders to get familiar with being on the street, as well as for more experienced riders to enhance their street riding skills. Class size is limited to no more than 4 students at a time, with 2 instructors, in order to ensure as much personal attention as possible for each rider. The general themes of this course are: Personalized feedback to improve your street skills, Using mental perception strategies to anticipate hazards, Situational awareness all around the rider, Dynamic lane positioning, and Focus on minimizing risk and managing it on the street.

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Basic Sidecar/Trike Course

The Basic Sidecar/Trike Course (S/TEP) is a 15 hour curriculum for beginning riders. The course assumes that the student knows little or nothing about 3-wheeled motorcycles. The course progresses through basic skills training, street survival strategies, and some advanced level skills training. It finishes with both written and riding tests that will waive testing at the DoL for your 3-wheeled motorcycle endorsement. Pacific NorthWest Motorcycle Safety offers this class in both 2-day and 3-day formats. There is no difference in course content between the two formats.

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